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Since 2017

Sammie Qian

Sue Chang

Korean Chinese Youtuber
Mother of 2 daughters.

Finding a nice outfit for the kids

and Being a chic and fashion mom

at the same time is not easy. That’s why

I decided to design and create more cute

matching outfits for all the moms out there.


Mother of 3 daughters.

Love to try and build her own style, always trying to find pretty and fun

pieces and blend them into

her daily wear.

Sislands Story

Sisland is a Baby Mommy matching fashion boutique that was founded

under a casual night time friends gathering chitchat.

The Founders are Two Young Mom (Sue and Sammie) who has 5 baby girls now.

We each have our own specialty when making Sisland a real dream come true.

Sisland was inspired by all the compliments that we have received from

our friends and stranger regarding our outfits,

especially the matching ones. Many people wants to know where we buy the clothes

and the brands and etc.


So we asked ourself, 

why not creating our own brand?

With our experiences, our style reflects our personality,

simply but chic, matching but not embarrassing,

good to wear on the street but looks incredible amazing when taking pictures!
Thanks to our beautiful precious little angels that keep giving us inspirations.

They mean the world to us so we will give them the best,

and we will give you and your babies the best.

Hope you love them as much as we do!

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